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One single contact person for your entire project.

A thorough study is the essential condition to ensure the good running of your installation.

At each site, our teams take the necessary measurements, study the structure of your facades and their access, examine the possibilities to connect the cabling and determine with you where the signage should be placed.  If old signage elements are present, Plastilight offers a dismantling or restoration service.


Using photographs and technical drawings, our graphic department will make a photo simulations and possibly a 3D representation. These are proposed to you for validation. When a building permit is required, Plastilight collects the necessary documents on request. Finally, we set a timetable for your project.


Our experienced employees know and support every phase of your project from A to Z. We manufacture the products, install them, and we take care of the service, maintenance and restoration works.


Plastilight is present at national and international level (Benelux and France).



As soon as the study data has been completed and the production quantities are known, a production schedule is established. We will only start production after the validation of your project.


Plastilight combines craftsmanship with ultramodern machines. For the production of your signages, we attach great importance to the manufacturing process, that is planned to be able to produce quickly and economically. You can request the status of your production at any time.


Our experienced employees guarantee a serious approach and professionalism. Their experience benefits our products and work processes, and they are the reason why Plastilight offers quality and innovation at competitive prices.


The transport and installation of signages requires experience and care. Our assembly teams are the most appropriate people to carry out these works.



Your sign comes to life...

Our team of specialized and qualified installers takes care of the installation of your sign, the installation of your cladding on any type of support, the electrical connection if necessary, update the paint or the installation of specific outdoor lighting systems (LED lines or spots).

We respect all safety standards when placing your signage: our teams are trained in the latest assembly techniques and safety instructions; they guarantee you a perfect and safe assembly. Their experience, adaptability and technical skill are assets for the installation of your sign, vinyl, cladding...

Due to Plastilight the job is done with care, our purpose is to provide you with a perfect installation.



Your illuminated advertising is a challenge for long term.

You want to keep your sign in excellent condition, for many years to come without having to worry about that? Use our maintenance service. You will be guaranteed a perfectly maintained installation.

Your signage is your business card. But dirt is unavoidable over time, especially when the sign is placed outside, exposed to weather and pollution. Significant dirt can also damage the electronic components. By subscribing to Plastilight's maintenance service, you are guaranteed that your signage will never be dirty and that it will not lose its radiant effect.

Our maintenance technicians clean your interior and exterior signs with special cleaning products (ecological, neutral PH). They check the good state of operation and the components (fixing and electrical contacts). With our maintenance contract, you are also sure that the legal provisions regarding the maintenance of electrical installations and the requirements of your insurance will always be respected.


Your benefits:

  • You don't have to do anything.

  • Your light sign stays clean and visible.

  • You can be sure that your installation is working perfectly.

  • You are in order from the legal and insurance point of view

  • Regular maintenance extends the life of your light sign.

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