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Efficient signage will be able to show your level of competence!

Whatever it is for your security needs or for a permanent visual effect,
choose for a personal signage,  inside and outside.



Totems contribute significantly to your visual communication, both day and night. It works as a directional sign and guide customers to you.

A well-thought totem contributes to your company's reputation and makes it easily accessible. Advertising totems are undeniably powerful ambassadors for your identity.

They are completely designed in according to your wishes: this can vary from very simple totems to extremely complex constructions.


Light lettering

Logos and letters can be composed in different ways.


You can choose between different types of letters illuminated or not. All lettering are made in various materials such as aluminum, plexi or acrylic and in many colors.

You have options for flat or embossed letters, or even channel letters. The front letters can be mounted directly on the facade or on a panel. More complex constructions are also possible for example letters placed on a roof with large supports.

Line lighting

By illuminating the contours of your building with LED lines, your building will undoubtedly attract more attention and will be seen from a far distance. The LED lines are eye-catchers for businesses located on motorways.



Thanks to clear signage, you're sure your customers will find you right away!

For large buildings and industrial area, both indoor and outdoor signage are  very important. The road signs provide visitor with the information they need to find their way.

For the indoor and outdoor signage, Plastilight offers you many possibilities, from a simple signage in your commercial building to a routing signage for an industrial area. Information on totems, poles, arrows, door signs, traffic signs, parking signs,...

An efficient signage shows customers your level of professionalism!

Light box

Your light box is made, according to your wishes, colors and logos, illuminated by LEDs.

​From a simple illuminated single or double sided sign, against the facade to a pole, a support, on the roof everything is possible.


Extreme dimensions can also be made without any problem.


You are considering a complete facade covering? Plastilight can support your project.  Our wide range of alucobond, cassette panels or traditional siding (microrib - flat - wavy) are available in a multitude of colors to find a solution that agrees to your project renovation.


Your choice will depend mainly on your aesthetic preferences and the technical characteristics of each type of facade covering. An experienced team of specialized technicians will support you.


Flag pole and advertising flags

You cannot miss an advertising flag pole. You can choose your flags, in the colors, the logo, the slogan, whatever your company needs to attract attention. Moreover, as they float in the wind, they are always moving and therefore more noticed. Place a flagpole in front of your store or business and you will be seen directly. The advertising flag is very simple to use. It is mounted on a pole fixed into the ground (foundation and assembly).

Interior concept

Shop in the shop, corner, category management, signage, market segments, dramaturgy... are all means that reinforce today's business strategy and directly promote sales growth. The points of sale become an expression, a place to let the image of distributors shine and increase the emotional values.

A well-thought publicity communication appears to be essential to maximize the impact of the advertising campaign. A technical visit is needed on beforehand. The installation instructions will be meticulously respected. We guarantee a perfect finish, with the aim to stimulate sales.

Digital signage

Digital signage

Digital light advertising can distribute your information in a lively and playful way. For example, the experience of the consumer, recommendations, reviews, product presentation... Because of its dynamism, it will increase the traffic to your business and seek the attention of the customer. In order to distract, it can reduce the perception of waiting time and improve the customer experience.

The updating is simple and done via management software. This communication solution is adaptable to everyone's needs. The choice of screens is large from simple monitors, through image walls, to terminals and totems.

For all your projects, please contact us

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